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Obama, can we?


Perhaps I didn't understand the times; in preview, I say, naturally.
Why that most famous crisis have this bad power of delete all kind ideas of our soul: God, Justice, Liberty, Brother's love etc...
The crisis don't have only a matter of economics and financial affairs of great states and ministers or individual citizen. It's a maine question of each our life.

Mr Obama, a little and smiling and serious senator seemed to be the doctor for that thorny debaiting point.
I don't know if my friendly audiences know that a website publish a "DAily presidential tracking poll". It's fantastic, great, a very very glory for lovers of the Republic governament!
Well, listen to me: Mr Obama, in 1/21/2009, started his mandate with 44% of people that strongly approved the line of program.
Strongly disapproved are at the 16%!
Generally, Americans that loved Obama are at the 65% and no are at the 30%.
After only two year of government the climate politic in U.S.A. is very worse:
22% is for Obama strongly, no is to 39%. Just people that vote for President, in this moment, is 44% and no is 54%.
How is possible this disaster? Why?
Simple, because war is in act, financial problems are more than those think until now, and exactly there isn't values!
Obama, if would return to do a serious President for America and better partership of European people, must behave new moral.

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