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Imparare l'Italiano: Lezione 1



hello to all my friends, and welcome to any place of our planet you to connect!Today begins the adventure that I always dreamed to teach those of you who want the beauty and sweetness of the Italian language.
First know this: the history of Italy is ancient. Oh, I know, maybe you are one of those great people who have seen the birth of human civilization, but I assure you that you will not be without surprise in studying the history and language of my country!
The Italian derives from Latin and greek, but, over the centuries, these ancient languages ​​and glorious are mixed in spoken German, Frankish, Norman, in Arabic words.Most of the Italian vocabulary, though, you can return to greek and latin.
I give you now a rule capital: the pronunciation! In Italian all the letters are pronounced as you write and does not occur as in English that are written in a way and decide in another.
I - AI (Inglese)
I - I (Italian)

Then, follow me. We immediately start to speak Italian.Personal pronouns:
I - YOU - HE - SHE - IT - WE - YOU - THEY
I - you - he - she - it - we - you - they